Thursday, May 14, 2009

Give the Musical Caesar what is his...!
A long time ago, someone with a big clout on religious matters is said to have advised earthlings on monetary matters by telling them to render to Caesar things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that were God’s.

He is also quoted as to have advised the same earthlings as to how impossible was it to serve two masters, for either you would hate one and love the other if not being loyal to one and despising the other. That you definitely cannot serve God and EPA.

He insisted on this by saying that till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one little will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. His very words.

That was then. Now, in these modern times there are some things happening regarding praising the great man of religious matters which are making some of us traditional believers wish that the Great Teacher should have also said something on how to worship the Lord.

Yes, we are wishing that he had said something like ‘render to the Musical Caesar things that are Musical Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.

By saying ‘Musical Caesars’ I mean the top men of the music industry at the time the great man was teaching proverbs to his apostles and worshippers.

His advice would have definitely helped in these modern times in which we are seeing our religious singers singing and dancing religious songs in a way that is no different to the songs which are normally sung only by the heathens!

We are now witnessing our modern religious choirs singing and dancing away in the styles of the said gentile’s ndombolo and kwasakwasa inside our holy houses of worship and recording DVDs which we buy at more exorbitant ant price than what we pay for the ndombolo and kwasakwasa DVDs!

And it gets even more confusing when on the other side of the coin you now can hear local ndombolo bands singing songs in which the Lord’s Prayer is the main stanza. You wonder at that kind of a song being sung in Bars an at drunkards!

Indeed, gone are the traditional liturgy days when ‘singing’ meant aged members of the congressional only swaying gently this way and that as they sung soul-searching and soothing songs while an even more aged mzee banged away at an even more aged huge mahogany Organ which could not be played by anybody else in the whole village but him!

It is no more. For most of our modern gospel singers, singing means the choir members sometime gyrating to the sound of their modern religious music in a way that not only puts to shame to ndombolo dancers but are also making the traditional singers of old turn into their graves on seeing how houses of worship are now being more of entertainment places than of worship.

This, so we are told, is done in order to move with time and to connect with our young generation. They are telling us this as if the said young generation will be doing any better worshiping than their old men.

They maybe right but as the Teacher would have said; verily, verily I say unto them, they are going against the teachings of the Lord himself which says God’s word has no modernity.
This means that they are obliged to give God what is God’s and give the Musical Caesar what is Musical Caesar’s, because you just cannot serve two Masters. Gospel and Ndombolo.