Friday, February 22, 2008

Ah, this civilized begging of Bongoland...!

The art of begging by pretending to be asking a small favor from family members, friends and strangers, is definitely going places if not getting out of hand. It is now being done for almost everything under Bongoland very scorching sun.

So much is everybody unto this civilized begging thing that this scribe is left to wonder if he is the only one around with two perfect hands and legs for doing anything for himself!

Indeed, had it not been for the ‘everybody for himself’ when it comes to sending kids back to international school, this scribe could have sworn that every Bongoland urbanite is a born disabled person!

He is thinking this because on his hand he is holding a civilized begging card asking him to contribute something not few than twenty thousand madafus because come two Sundays the card-giver is going to baptize his few weeks old child!

This civilized begging card is making this scribe angry because nine months ago when this guy and his comrade-at-filling-out-the-world were tempting each other with a certain forbidden fruit which will result in the to-be-baptized kid, he was not asked for any advice!

Indeed, this scribe is emphasizing on the not being for any advice for had he been asked for any contribution like he is being asked now, he would have contributed a particular funny looking adult thing which would have prevented the kid hence the civilized begging card!

He would have done that because he definitely would have seen through the couple’s life and have the sense to know that they were not ready and in nine months time they will be disturbing the likes of him with civilized begging cards!

Yes, being a veteran on filling out the World that he is, this scribe would had have the sense to advice the couple to engange more on running after the ever so scarce shilling of ours first first before raring to go on matters regarding doing their part in filling out our beautful Earth!

This would have resulted on the couple being more ready when the results of their enthuasiasm on filling our World started arriving, hence needing no assistance from Chesi and Co. with the baptising damages!

Indeed, this scribe is thinking that baptizing a child is too much a personal thing, at least for the contribution part, and should be a headache only for the culprit couples and their immediate families and not for every other Tom, Dick and Chesi!

One is bound to ask himself, if the culprit couples had all the human apparatuses, the energy and the enthusiasm to go with it when 'adding' another human being to the already big number of human beings on Earth,

Surely, they are supposed to have the same energy and enthusiasm in using their other body joints like their heads and hands to find funds for the baptism of the result of their mischievous?