Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of Churches opening Banks...!
The earthly ‘agents’ of the almighty creator of all the living creatures are saying and doing things which are making this scribe think that their Boss is preparing to open an Earthly Bank or SACCOS in the near future.

These are the same Earthly agents of the Lord who has been trusted with the important job of rounding up all the black sheep of the Earth, the like of this scribe, and return them safely to the Master Shepard’s manger before end of days!

This scribe is now hearing these Spiritual Earthly Agents of the Almighty alias the Alpha and Omega saying and doing things one expects to hear only from Bank Managers and other monetary executives of the land!

Like the first day of this year, he goes to this worship house to thank the Lord for being his savior and Guardian for the whole year, and he hears an Agent of the Lord announcing that a cool seven million madafu shillings has been collected during the two days of Christmas Masses!

This scribe is seeing his Earthly Shepard announcing this with much joy which was not there when he was trying to convince the black sheep of the land, the likes of this scribe, to return to God’s good ways!

This scribe is definitely confused because he is watching his wrist watch and he is finding that his Earthly Shepard who also doubles as God’s Earthly Agent is using much time talking about monetary matters than he uses in talking about ‘ come all ye faithful’ matters!

Indeed, the Earthly Agent should be spending more time on sermon about the like of Chesi who, as the good Lord have said, are like seeds sown by a sower but which fell on stony places.

Yes, Instead of basing more on the ‘toa ndugu ulichonacho’ version of sermon, he should be talking more about them who hear the word and immediately receive it with joy, yet has no root in themselves but endures only for a while for when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he stumbles.

This scribe is definitely bewildered because he is hearing the Worldly Ambassadors of the Almighty up there uttering things to the effect that soon they will be starting a Bank. Religious institutions owning monetary institutions!

This scribe’s faith is definitely being rocked because he is seeing the Worldly Shepherds trusted with shepherding his sinful soul not only giving to Caesars what is Caesars but now tempting the same Caesars with what is God’s!

Indeed, many a faithfuls are getting skeptical as to why religious institutions should be owning monetary institutions.

This scribe is only left to hope that these modern shepherds has already sought out permission for this venture from the Almighty least he sends his Son to kick out monetary traders from his worship house like he did a few thousand years ago!